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The school along with the board of teachers are working hard to provide their best for the pupils, in lack of proper financial background the academy is facing various challenges. First of all, it is overcrowded, the infrastructure is not sufficient enough for the amount of students. The children are keen on studying but instead of classrooms they are staying in temporary shelter-like structures exposed to the various weather conditions. Sanitary facilities also need improvement. The development of the school facilities had already begun years ago but due to financial difficulties it didn’t get any further than building a part of the base slab.

In order to keep building costs and future maintenance low, locally available materials, handmade structures, passive ventilation and a rainwater harvesting system are included. The bricks are handmade, produced on site by volunteers. Interior elements and parts of the facade are made of bamboo, harvested in the nearby forest. The elevated roof functions as a solar chimney, creating natural air movement when warmed up by the sun.


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